Beast™ is not a home system. Because of Beast™ exigencies and Internet™ frailty, only entities with base read-support systems of the following sort will have access to the functions beyond this page:
Pentium™ 120 MHz or faster, with Java
Users of the Internet™ Explorer™ version 4.0 text parsing system are warned that Internet™ Explorer™ version 4.0 will interfere with sound functions upon repeated Incursion™.
Macintosh™ PowerPC Series, 200 MHz or faster, with Java
Users of the Macintosh™ brand read-support system are instructed that Macintosh™ access to Beast™ has been discontinued by popular demand.  Macintosh™ users may proceed with Pentium™ access at their own risk; only Internet™ Explorer™ version 4.0 (with Java enabled) will exhibit even modest functionality.
Silicon Graphics O2 or faster, with Java
Sun workstation, with Java
The Beast™ system is not responsible for any eventualities resultant from ignoring directives within or without the Beast™ system, including but not limited to the current directives.