Radiant City
Margaret Crane, Jacques Servin and Scott MacLeod
The Radiant City floats somewhere out of reach.  It is the city you  remember and the city  you forgot.  The Radiant city is part San Francisco and part somewhere  else.  Everybody ends up there sooner or later.  This city, any city, is composed of layers.  Some are invisible--history and memories,  stories you've heard and movies you seen.  Others, like buildings and streets and the guy in the blue coat waiting for the bus are there for you to see.  Nobody puts the pieces of a city together in quite the same way.  Everyone's city is different.

Margaret Crane, Jacques Servin and Scott MacLeod explored the Radiant City.  The results are an interlocking set of written pieces--think of them as guides.  The play, The Insomniacs, offers a glimpse into some of the unforgettable characters who inhabit this place.  The Radiant City Brochure Series provides useful information a glance.  They include Maps of Stars' Homes, The House of Fata Morgana, Sites of Our Anguish, Ten Things You Need to Know About the Burnham Proposal, What We See In The Dark, and USA: San Francisco.  These take-away brochures are for available to gallery viewers and also at a variety of off-site locations.